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Meet Benjamin

Benjamin was diagnosed with Klinefelter disease at 25. After struggling emotionally for years, today he is on testosterone treatment and is happily married to a wonderful woman.

Benjamin was diagnosed with Klinefelter disease at 25 years of age, just one month after he moved to Switzerland to attend a master’s programme in International Hospitality Management.

The years before the diagnosis were full of confusion and misunderstanding. As a child, Benjamin was quite introvert, he had difficulty in learning the language, he complained of being very tired and did not have mental alertness like other people. Years later, he fell asleep in the shower after getting out of bed to attend college. Neither his family nor himself would understand why all this was happening.

Benjamin admits that the most traumatic time was in his early youth, when trying to get intimate with women, as he did not have any physical reaction during encounters. At some point he even questioned his sexual orientation. To him, it wouldn’t have mattered if he were gay, after all, but he still felt physical attraction to girls.

Emotionally, it was also very hard to explain to girls that he could not have children naturally. In addition to the physiological changes due to the use of testosterone, he became depressed, and even attempted suicide several times.

He was in denial for a long time. Being a Catholic, he stopped believing in anything for four years and had tremendous anger inside. He thought that God was to blame for what happened to him and did many unacceptable things, including trying to take his own life due to incomprehension of himself and his family.
His desperation led him to a doctor who prescribed the Viagra pill at the age of 16. Finally, he ended up receiving psychiatric treatment and he owes his improved self-esteem to the retired psychiatrist and friend, Mr. José Luis De Dios.

Little by little, he began to contact reality trying to reverse the situation. He is now receiving treatment with testosterone. Despite some side effects, such as trembling of the hand, increased hematocrit and some bleeding, he has now grown a beard and chest hair, his muscles are fuller and his voice is thicker and stronger.

Today, he is a Catholic again and has accepted his condition. He is even grateful to this syndrome because it has helped him to know himself, to know what is happening to him and seek a solution.
Today, Benjamin is happily married to a wonderful woman. He admits that with the treatment he follows, their sex life is completely satisfying.

We would like to thank Benjamin for sharing and trusting his story with us.

Meet Benjamin

Diagnosed with Klinefelter disease at 25

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