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Transforming medical diagnosis with the power of Phivea®

Phivea® is a comprehensive decision support software for healthcare professionals, which allows for accurate and timely diagnosis of genetic disorders and real-time prediction of clinical interventions.


Phivea® employs advanced Artificial Intelligence and customized Deep Learning architectures at all levels of the learning process, from feature extraction to assessment and follow-up care.

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How it works

Phivea® can be operated with any third-party sequencing technology to classify genetic disorders and perform quality control on DNA reads.

The software uses state-of-the-art Machine Learning algorithms to create dataflow pipelines for classification or prediction, based on recent research in genome sequence analysis that fulfils rigorous quality criteria.

Different Deep Learning and customized multi-level decision architecture are employed for every step in the learning process, from feature extraction to pipeline architecture.

For improved predictive performance, efficiency and clarity of datasets, Phivea® combines pre-trained multiple base and conceptual models that can be fine-tuned to detect genetic disorders. The multi model fusion strategy built on top of the individual models combines their outcome into a singular final medical interpretation.

Download the AIG Phivea® Version 1.0.0 (#8916c0c5) Technical Package

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