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Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders affect nearly 350 million families with children, worldwide.




Diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder is a long and painful journey that takes on average six to eight years and dozens of medical appointments. Sometimes, the answer never comes, as current diagnostics do not always provide a diagnosis, and finding a cause can be compared to finding a needle in the haystack.

Also, access to cutting edge technology is often limited due to the prohibited costs and, even when used, it requires scarce expert knowledge to unlock the genomic insights with the current technology.



At gMendel® we think diagnosis first. Our mission is to stop the never-ending road of misdiagnoses and symptoms.

This is why we have developed the gMendel®Test, a novel diagnostic tool that offers real-time analysis of data during the DNA sequencing process and enables accurate detection of a wide spectrum of genetic disorders, prenatally or postnatally.

By combining first-class sequencing technology and Artificial Intelligence through our Phivea® platform, our innovative approach can bring down the time and cost to an accurate diagnosis and offer care givers an automated workflow to decide on a potential treatment.

Genetic Disorders