Genetic Disorders

Genetic disorders affect nearly 350 million families with children, worldwide.


There are 350 million people worldwide suffering from more than 10,000 genetic disorders/rare diseases, but less than 500 of these diseases have an approved treatment. One of the reasons for this is that rare disease management is not perceived as profitable by the industry players & experts. On the one hand, due to the high cost and low speed of identifying patients for clinical trials. On the other hand, due to the lack of fast and accurate diagnostics to identify eligible patients for approved treatments (a correct diagnosis takes on average 7 years, with more than 40% initially misdiagnosed). The societal burden of the rare diseases exceeds 2 trillion USD globally, demonstrating an apparent unmet clinical need for better, faster & affordable diagnosis of genetic disorders towards precision treatments. The lifetime costs of disease management exceeds 2.5 million USD per patient, but early accurate diagnosis could save 500,000 USD per patient. Close collaboration between pharma/biotech & diagnostic companies is key to leading the change, through companion diagnostics for targeted diseases.


gMendel is an AI cloud-based end-to-end IVD certified technology for accurate, fast & affordable diagnosis of rare diseases & beyond. Moreover, gMendel’s technology is automated, transcending the need for bioinformatician’s intervention and has a potential to revolutionize genetic analysis without any change to current health care protocols.

Our technology is simple, practical & cost effective, and has greater detection capabilities than the available technologies.

gMendel®’s Companion Diagnostics as a Service accelerates the diagnostic journey towards precision treatments or clinical trials.

Our ultimate goal is to leverage multi-omics and clinical data for diagnosis and prediction of any disease.

IP is well protected: FTO (2022). First patent was published on Dec 7 (WO2023/232940 A1; PCT/ EP2023/064684). Four additional under preparation.