Our Ecosystem

We value strong partnerships and their power to transform current practices in healthcare.

By partnering with other key organizations, we can make a more significant impact in hopes for over 350 million families to experience the fullness of life. Together with our partners, we have created a new way to approach diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders that promotes health and social equality, improves quality of life and supports care teams.

We work together with leading universities, institutes and advocacy groups in Denmark and abroad, to ensure effective use of breakthrough technologies and intelligence and fair access for all.

Organisations and Institutes

Join us for better health. Empower people.


Every investment in gMendel® can shape a new future for genetic disorders.

For us, scientific progress and responsible entrepreneurship go hand in hand. We aspire to create value and growth for people and the society at large in every level of our business. Through transparency and accuracy, we envisage to deliver significant financial benefits, achieve financial flexibility and build a loyal shareholder base.

So far, we have curated a group of investors who believe in our superior proprietary technology and approach to democratize diagnosis of genetic disorders & beyond; the Innovation Fund Denmark, the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science, EU Eureka, as well as CVX Ventures and the angel investors iFutura and Quaternity.

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