We Innovate

Following 2 years and high investment in R&D, our innovative technology for diagnosis of genetic disorders, has been proved to be 10 times faster than the GUPPY barcoder and 50 times faster than the Smith-Waterman algorithm.

In addition, it offers real-time data analysis for multiple samples during the sequencing process in <24 hours, at high sensitivity & specificity (>99%) & low Limit of Detection (<28%). So far, we have used more than 10,000 samples in order to fully verify and validate our technology.

Our contribution

  • ‚ÄčLaunch a reliable, safe, rapid and scalable technology for diagnosis of genetic disorders
  • Outstand conventional sequencing technologies at multiple levels, such as detection and sensitivity, complexity, cost and support environment
  • Reduce healthcare costs for patients and national health systems
  • Meet specific requirements of a fast-growing market, projected to ready 60 billion Euro by 2030.