We Collaborate

Together with our partners, we have created a new way to approach diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders that promotes health and social equality, improves quality of life and supports care teams.

To further build on our AI-empowered technology, we entered in a new partnership with the ahedd Digital Innovation Hub of the NCSR Demokritos, Greece. In genomics, we have partnered with genXone, with the aim to modernize the research process and increase its availability.

At the same time, we are engaging with diverse networks and advocacy groups with the aim to contribute to actions and policies that lead to social, financial and environmental sustainability. At an international level, we joined leading network NORD, while at a national level, we joined Barcelona Health Hub, a non-profit association working to become a global reference for digital medicine. 

To build further partnerships, we collaborate with the Danish Trade Council and Danish Innovation Centre in Denmark, Brazil and the USA.

Our contribution

  • Establish and scale up effective partnerships with key stakeholders at all levels in the health community to maximise impact.
  • Maintain open innovation mindset, exchange knowledge and build on the experience, capacity and resourcing strategies of partnerships for progress in the field.
  • Support states and societies to design and implement national health strategies with regard to equal access to diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders.