We Care

All of our products and services point to the same direction: offer a shorter path to diagnosis of genetic disorders and better quality of life to all patients and their families.

This is what the gMendel®Test and Phivea® aim for; a real-time, affordable and reliable diagnostic service that can be made available widely at a low cost and support health professionals in making accurate medical decisions and ensure the highest security & patient data encryption.

With gMendel®Care and gMendel®Hope initiatives, we aspire to bring accurate diagnosis and fair, equal care opportunities closer to all families facing genetic disorders. Our vision is to revolutionize the Basic Carrier Testing (BCT), Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Newborn Screening programs (NBS) in as many countries in Europe and around the world through the introduction of a harmonized screening panel, while shaping successful treatment protocols on allogeneic bone marrow transplants.

Our contribution

  • Contribute to better disease management for all nearly 350 million people with genetic disorders worldwide
  • Increase life expectancy through accurate and timely diagnosis
  • Reduce economic and social inequalities related to access to healthcare
  • Advocate for health equity for all those living with rare diseases