gMendel starts new partnership with the SKEL AI Lab and the ahedd Digital Innovation Hub of the NCSR Demokritos, Greece

Through this partnership, gMendel expects to further build on its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-empowered diagnostic technology and expand its network with a broad range of stakeholders.

gMendel had its first face-to-face meeting with the SKEL and ahedd teams on Monday November 1st at the NCSR Demokritos premises in Athens. At the meeting, the partners shared their common vision to leverage leading and affordable digital innovation solutions for better health care.

The SKEL (Software & Knowledge Engineering Lab), one of the largest research labs at the National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos (NCSR Demokritos), the biggest interdisciplinary public research centre in Greece, employs more than 70 researchers, organised in 9 research groups and teams. The SKEL focuses on content analysis and intelligent human-computer interaction, exploiting and advancing AI methods and tools in numerous domains, spanning from news monitoring to e-health and document intelligence.

The ahedd Digital Innovation Hub is an award-winning ecosystem of research and corporate entities that have exceptional know-how in offering digital transformation and innovation solutions using AI, Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies as horizontal enablers. ahedd offers business support through experimentation facilities for testing new technologies, and acts as a one-stop-shop for enterprises looking to enrich their competitive advantage portfolio and for public entities that need to improve their processes and services.