gMendel® joins TechBBQ Summit in Copenhagen

August 29, 2022, Copenhagen – gMendel® will join TechBBQ Summit on 14 and 15 September in Copenhagen to showcase its breakthrough technology for the diagnosis of genetic disorders. TechBBQ is a collaboration and networking event that supports the Nordic startup ecosystem by presenting the latest world-class emerging technologies and attracting international and risk-willing capital.

gMendel’s mission is to provide a shorter, safer and economical path to accurate diagnosis of genetic disorders and potential treatment. To this end, it has developed a superior proprietary technology to overcome current technical shortcomings and help heathcare professionals and healthcare systems move towards a more cost-effective and sustainable path for disease diagnosis. In contrary to conventional sequencing methods, gMendel’s technology allows for accurate and low-cost diagnosis of genetic disorders and real-time, automated prediction of clinical interventions, by harnessing the power of genomic science, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

“Every investment in gMendel® can shape a new future for genetic disorders”, says Dr. Chris Kyriakidis, CEO and co-Founder. “Since 2021, we have raised funding from public and private institutions such as the Innovation Fund Denmark, the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science, as well as the Danish angel investors iFutura and Quaternity, who believe in our transformative approach to diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders”, adds Dr. Chris Kyriakidis.

gMendel® has already received CE marking for Phivea® v1.0.0, a part of gMendel’s patented in vitro screening tool for the diagnosis of Klinefelter syndrome, called gMendel®Test, and has completed its market registration in Denmark as an In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) medical device product under the Directive 98/79/EC for In Vitro Diagnostic medical devices.

“Our next goal is to extend our certification to the most common aneuploidies, microdeletion syndromes and the 3 diseases that comprise the Basic Carrier Testing for all Ethnicities, a total of eight genetic disorders. Eventually, we are working on our technical capability to detect the 33 most prevalent genetic disorders in Europe for use in national New Born Screening Programmes”, says Dr. Chris Kyriakidis.

Press contact: Maria Andrielou, Head of Marketing & Communication, [email protected]