gMendel announces cooperation with Polish biotech company genXone

gMendel has signed a letter of intent with genXone, an innovative company operating in the biotechnology industry in Poland. In this letter the companies declare their willingness to cooperate in the field of diagnosis of genetic disorders with the aim to modernize the research process and increase its availability.

Currently, available solutions in the field of genetic disorders research face many limitations, due to their complexity, time-consumption, and high costs related to the performance of analyses. Through its innovative technology and approach, gMendel strives to overcome these limitations and make diagnosis and treatment available to all.

At gMendel, we are excited to start our collaboration with genXone, the largest provider of next generation sequencing using nanopore technology in Poland. Through this collaboration we look forward to expanding the delivery capability of our proprietary technology in Poland and beyond, in line with our ambition to ultimately transform patient lives and offer breakthrough solutions to national healthcare systems”, said Chris Kyriakidis, CEO and Co-founder of gMendel.

genXone is a biotech company open to modern technologies and innovative approach to specialized research. It is the first in Poland and one of the first in the world laboratories using nanopore sequencing technology in the areas of science, business and medicine. The company’s experience has determined, among others, about its election last year for the state program for monitoring genetic variability of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The gMendel and genXone teams share not only a strong technological base and extensive experience, but most of all, the will to revolutionize the approach to genetic research. The cooperation we have started confirms our announcements about the expansion of the company’s operations outside the country, and fulfills our dreams for greater availability of tests and the early diagnosis of patients. Therefore, we see a huge potential for the development of this cooperation – said Michał Kaszuba, president of genXone.

In the near future, gMendel and genXone will examine extending their cooperation in the diagnosis of genetic disorders, as well, in view of implementing the gMendel technology in the Polish market.

About genXone
genXone is a dynamically developing company from the biotechnology industry, which creates new solutions and products using the latest technologies of nucleic acid sequencing. It specializes in NGS (next generation sequencing) and medical diagnostics. It cooperates as a commercial partner with Oxford Nanopore Technologies – a world leader in biotechnological innovations – and is fully certified. From August 25, 2020, the company’s shares are listed on the NewConnect market. For more information, please visit .

Photo Credit: Freepik